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Links - Debt harassment is illegal.  

The following videos explain the debt industry.

The American economy is under stress.  Unemployment rates are high, consumer debt is high, and businesses are closing their doors.  When families are unfairly burdened financially, everyone suffers.  We believe that the credit card companies have placed an undue and unfair burden on the very consumers they market to.  The public has been sold into an idea of a “cashless society” and is suffering the consequences of an addiction to debt.  It is too easy to cross the line between wants and needs and using credit to "keep up with the Jones's".

It is more important than ever to stop the cycle of debt and begin living a lifestyle of financial prudence - avoid credit and only spend it when you have it.

Debt Settlement fills a void in traditional debt relief options. Banks and credit card companies lobby hard to make bankruptcy difficult, block laws to avoid disclosure, and pass laws to maximize interest, late fees and charges. Traditional debt relief options are often not aggressive enough to wipe out debt or get you back on the financial road to recovery.  The choices are not easy to make, but we believe that families need to do anything and everything in their power to get out from underneath their overwhelming burden of debt. Educate yourselves, weigh the options and understand the world of debt so you can better assist those in need!. Enjoy the videos.

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