Credit Card Debt: Enjoy now pay later?

Everyone fears credit card debt but they also like the idea and flexibility of “paying later”. To buy or pay later is a choice that is presented with the ownership behind a credit card.   It gives you the freedom and control to buy immediately whatever you want, but delaying your payment can lead to interest charges.

Let’s be honest, America is having a credit card debt crisis. We, as a nation, are $11.4 trillion in debt to credit card companies. With fees and interest rates, it can often be difficult to climb out of the hole of credit card debt we created.

Luckily, there is a very easy solution to stop paying all of that interest to the credit card companies, and it comes from the most unlikely source … the credit card companies.

How to Avoid Paying Interest on Credit Card Debt

We’ve all heard of balance transfer credit cards, but a surprising number of people don’t have any idea how a balance transfer credit card works. That’s unfortunate, since these credit cards can be the answer to your credit card debt issues.

Balance transfer credit cards allow you to transfer your existing balance to a new card. Why would you want to do that? Usually, to lower the interest rate that you are paying on your current credit card. Many balance transfer credit cards offer lower interest rates, meaning you will be charged less interest on your balance.

How Interest Works

Interest is a foreign concept to many people. We know it exists and we know we are being charged, but we are usually clueless as to how much and how interest works. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you are charged interest:

What is interest charged on?: Credit cards only charge you interest on outstanding balances. So, if you pay your credit card bill entirely every month, you will not be charged interest.