Case Studies and Testimonials

The MLG Difference

The MLG Difference

I want to say this. This is my third debt settlement company since October of 2019. I was misinformed by my first company and now I have a charge from Mariner Finance on my credit report. My second company collected payments but never negotiated any debt for me. This was my last hope and it was funny that Terry Ridley had called me on a Sunday when I was at my wit’s end. Michelle, Ruffa, and Alvin have negotiated and received settlements from 2 of my 9 creditors, and I am not even at my 14-day mark. Phenomenal customer service to say the least. All of my creditors have been sent a copy of my limited POAs. I could not be happier and this just motivates me more into finding ways to increase my payments to get debt-free faster. I feel like I hit the lottery with these winning people. So thank you so much to all of you, Terry, Michelle, Ruffa, and Alvin. You are saving my livelihood and helping me get back on my feet.

Dodie M., Highlighted Review!

I think the whole team that I was involved with was extremely helpful and a delight to work with.

Mildred R.

Everything was resolved in a very polite and professional manner. Very satisfied.

Peggy W.